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Our specialist cleaners are experienced in End of Lease Cleaning Oxenford homes for clients moving out or moving in.

 Imagine moving into a house and all you have to do is put your things away without cleaning first! That’s what our special team, and vacate cleaning services, can do for all homes across Oxenford.

Our cleaners work off a priority check list which needs to be filled out by you beforehand and given to the cleaner so they can work down the list as far as possible in the time that you have allocated.

Commercial Cleaning Coombabah is much more detailed than the typical Vacate clean. During a bond clean we often have to deal with fixtures and appliances that often have never been cleaned before, like lighting fixtures for instance.

Once the time is completed it is up to the client to decide if further tasks are required in which case additional time is to be authorized by you so that the cleaner can complete further tasks to your satisfaction.

So, make sure to hire a proven company with experience in end of lease cleaning to ensure that everything will be cleaned by the highest standards.

We also do Service for End of Lease Cleaning.

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